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Paragliding in the Mountains

Stop wasting time and money loading coolers with Dry Ice



Cooler Ice Pack, Reusable & Long-Lasting Slim Ice Packs, just  add in to Lunch Box, cooler box , courier bag. Keep your food fresh and hygiene. Portable Ice Cooler Pack for  Long Lasting Design this is ideal for picnics, camping, packed lunches and travel. 


Safe and non-toxic, food grade material with BPA-free plastic and leakproof protection Durable design slim ice pack that is break-resistant to withstand the toughest tumbles.

Keep your food cold and fresh even in hot weather with our Portable Reusable Ice Cooler Pack.

ice k5.jpg

More package size available on request.
150ml,240ml,350ml,650ml,750ml,1000ml,1300ml & 2000ml

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