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Fruit Absorbent Pad

Fruit absorbent pad can can absorb from 3ml ~ 10ml

Fruit growing in a natural environment, after picking, its surface carries a large number of bacteria, and the mold can easily accelerate the rot of the fruit.

In the low temperature storage process, due to the temperature changes, the condensate produced in the packaging will also bring serious challenges to the fruit storage. Our fruit pads will bring you more solutions and economic benefits

Meat and Seafood Absorbent Pad

Food Absorbent Pad. absorption from 20ml ~ 70ml

Different foods and different processing processes have very different water content, such as high salt in seafood, which requires personalized products to apply to different customer needs.

Food Absorbent Pad
extend the shelf life

absorbent pad p1.gif
Cold Cuts

What is Food Absorbent Pad?

The absorber pads are designed to absorb blood and other fluid in the trays so that the packaging remains look fresh and the product’s shelf life is increased.

Being secured from unwanted liquids and odors, display cases in your store will always look attractive, clean, improves presentation of the product to consumers and professional. FDA compatible.

​The liquid from your raw poultry and meat can contain active bacteria that could be dangerous to your health in its raw state. So, the absorbent pad serves to absorb these potentially harmful liquids before they can leak, spill, or drip onto your counters and other food preparation areas, containing this bacteria as effectively as possible.

The pads also help to keep meat safer and fresher on the shelf, as sitting in a pool of this liquid could cause more bacteria to breed in the meat, leading to a higher risk of food borne illness.

​The pads are using special lining, made from cellulose fibers and sealed into a polyethylene wrapping, perforated on one

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