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Tamper-Evident Void Tape

When removing the security seal Void tape, it will show tamper evidence by self-destructing that leaving words or symbols on the package and on the security seal tape itself. Protect yourself with security tapes that immediately indicate opening or manipulation attempts for securing individual packages, bundles or entire transport units without any efforts.

Printed Fragile tape

Printed Fragile tape is an Eco- friendly, "Fragile" warning tape. Sealing your cartons or marking shipments with our self- adhesive Fragile Tape will ensure they are handled with care on their way to your customer.


- Economy is printed "Fragile". It is a cost-effective option with a reliable adhesive equivalent to our economy  tape.

- Standard is printed "Fragile handle me with care". With a semi- creped finish, it is equivalent to out standard  tape.


  • Fragile Carton Sealing Tape helps you protect your valuables during shipping, moving or storage

  • White color packing tape marked 'Fragile' word

  • Colored bold Red print

  • Tape dimensions: 19mmwidth, 24mmwith and 48mmwith

  • The fragile adhesive tape is ideal for alerting couriers that the items you are sending are fragile. The polypropylene warning tape is ideal for protecting your possessions from damage.

  • It is suitable for use in the all couriers.

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