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Kraft Bubble padded envelopes - keep secrets safe and sound during shipping! Each padded mailer is equipped with a sturdy adhesive seal to prevent deliberate opening.

These padded envelopes are crafted with ecological packaging materials, their sturdy adhesive and waterproof design ensure packages withstand the toughest journeys.


An inner high quality bubble lining ensures cushioning. These padded mailing envelopes will protect the items from accidental tears and abrasions during shipping. The contents of bubble mailer envelopes will stay safe and dry.


Kraft Bubble Mailer are ideal for commercial and personal use. It can be used to send jewelry, product samples, small crafts, etc. Mailing envelopes bubble padded are suitable for fragile items.


Kraft Bubble Mailer to ensure the privacy of the content due to the opaque surface, and reliable super adhesive .

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