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Turlen Reusable Ice Pack
Keep Food Fresh and Beverage Cold,

Safe and Easy to use

The Turlen reusable ice pack featuring a thin PE backing one side and non woven fabric on the other side.  Non-slimy, non-toxic, food touchable and environmentally safe.

The surface stays dry no matter when and where after absorbing water.

Just soak in water for about 5 minutes, the ice pack sheet will absorb water automatically when soak in water. wipe dry both sides and throw in freezer, freeze about 5 hours and ready to use.


Cost Effective

Turlen Ice Packs are the most cost effective dry ice replacement product on the market, it is light and flexible to save valuable space and cost of shipping fee easily.

Economic Way for Transportation Industries

Turlen Ice Pack for transport seafood, perishables, medicine, vaccines, fresh beer, beverages, It also can be used in coolers or lunch bags. When you transfer the fruit, vegetables, milk or meat, long-lasting up to hours will keep them fresh.


Ship Frozen and Cold Food

​To ship frozen foods is a critical aspect of your online business there are various types of foods to sell and courier and how to keep fresh and free of any potential contamination.

Turlen ice packs provide a cost-effective way of keeping your shipments cold throughout the entire shipping duration. With a durable, leak-proof plastic design, our lightweight Turlen Ice packs are perfect for shipping a large variety of goods.

Turlen Ice Pack is suitable for shipping food, pharmaceuticals, wine, and many other temperature-sensitive items.

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